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The Plan

The situation we find ourselves in is such that Bankrupt financial institutes are a means to an ends for the private companies, out for commercial gain by the enslavement of the population as its property or stock. The hidden loan losses, Staff cuts as losses mount, bail-

outs, fraud, corruption and crminality are all well documented. The companies like J P Morgan, acquiring the assets of those forced to close by regulators, demonstrate that one mans misery is another mans gains.

There has been speculation over the recent sharp increase in world-wide banking resignations. Who cares?

The problem seems simple enough. Our inalienable rights have been exchanged for priviledges which can be withdrawn. So rather than being free to do as we please; we have to apply for permission, if we do not comply with the terms given, these priviledges can be revoked.

The impact can be seen all over the world: demonstrations, protest and riots, as people wake up to the tyrany that has been perpetrated by those in power. War after war sanctioned in pursuit of the planets resources.

It would appear that a reversal of fortune is required, so clearly something needs to be done!. The solution seems simple enough if you understand the process.

The phylosopy behind the current sytem is one of majority rule. Those in the majority make the rules for themselves and everyone else; so if you want to change the rules you need to change who is in the majority. White British, White (other), White irish, Mixed , Indian, Pakistani, , Bangladeshi, Other Asian (non chinese), Black Carribean, Black African, Black (others), Chinese, Others. These are just some of the sub groups that we have been limited to, By dividing and sub dividing the population and only adressing you within these sub groups a very small group of people have been able to claim the majority.

If we went to sleep within our sub groups and awoke tomorrow morning as sovereign beings, the majority would be unquestionable. We would be free to live our lives by Gods laws free of statutes and regulations. We would be able to identify those within our communities who are humanitarians, the uncorruptable and entrust them with the offices of local council. We could ear mark those who show an aptitude for the role for parliament. We would rewrite the rules of trade so that they themselves operate within Gods laws.

"Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's"

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