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The Studio Club runs a weekly creative music night, we encourage local people with an interest in music to join us.

How we run each Tuesday

The night is split into three sections, each section has its own creative elements and we will build on getting the most out of them each week.

Producer Meeting

Producer meet at the club at 7pm

Each provides 3 projects they would like to introduce

Producers take in turn to play all 3 tracks and then decide on the best ones

Artist Discovery 

Artists are invited each week to listen to the tracks being showcased

A group discussion is held to decide which artists work on which tracks

Open Mic

A chance for artists to show their skills

Once a month we will showcase the completed projects allowing them to be performed live 

If you would like to get involved either as an artist or a music producer give us a call.

For further information contact 07554444748 or e-mail

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