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MILLIONS of people across Britain who never go to the pub were last night asking why all the pubs were closing down.
The Plan
Who's Getting Rich on your Money?


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Cause and Effect


The Application of Comprehension


I have spoken to a number of people recently, and what I have found is that there is a lot of confusion in the world, confusion itself stems from a lack of comprehension. Comprehension is a key and I am minded to say; that many of us have not been given that key, or if we possess that key, we do not know how to use it. The key to comprehension, is the knowledge that the nature of a thing, is reflected in its action, the same as you can know the nature of a person, by the way they speak or act, you can know the purpose of a thing, by what it does, or is used for.

MILLIONS of people across Britain who never go to the pub were last night asking why all the pubs were closing down.

Heres a headline recently run by the Daily Mash, as humerous as it is deadly serious. The debate is centered around;
  • Social change - pub-going has been declining steadily for thirty years as people opt instead to stay in their nice warm living rooms watching TV, listening to music and annoying friends on Facebook
  • Smoking bans - the smoking ban accelerated this change by making pubs less attractive for the 60% or more of regular drinkers who are also smokers. They too have opted for home or for the converted garage

The Plan

The situation we find ourselves in is such that Bankrupt financial institutes are a means to an ends for the private companies, out for commercial gain by the enslavement of the population as its property or stock.  The hidden loan losses, Staff cuts as losses mount, bail-
outs, fraud, corruption and crminality are all well documented. The companies like J P Morgan, acquiring the assets of those forced to close by regulators, demonstrate that one mans misery is another mans gains.
There has been speculation over the recent sharp increase in world-wide banking resignations.

Who's Getting Rich on your Money?

PANAORAMA is getting dangerously close to telling the truth about our Government.
"Tonight" the programme annouces "Panorama investigates the Multi Billion pound deals hidden from the that arent always what they that have allowed a small group of companies and private financiers to make a killing from the taxpayer".
Reporter John Ware makes the observation that across the country a new power is making its presence felt, unelected and unaccountable.


This letter is a warning – from the people. It is not a request that requires an answer, But it does require a response – by way of action on your part that demonstrates that you understand its substance and the seriousness of our intent.

The collective political establishment has betrayed the British people by transferring our national sovereignty to a foreign power without our consent. This is in defiance of our constitution and an act of treason.

You do not need to know how many people we represent today, only how many we might represent tomorrow and you should know that our numbers grow daily.

UK Column

The lie is that we, as a Nation, are bankrupt and therefore we must suffer massive public sector spending cuts to our military and public services in order to help balance the books. The lie is simple, but it is still a lie. Britain is not bankrupt. The International Banks are bankrupt and have hung their £6 trillion of debt around the neck of the British Nation.
When a company or sole trader becomes insolvent, receivers are called in to manage the companies affairs, to try and salvage the company as a going concern, and in the worst case, to pay off those who are owed money by the insolvent company.


Ever playedMonopoly? - of course you have!.
amonopoly(fromGreekmonos / μονος(alone or single) +polein / πωλειν(to sell)) exists when a specific individual or an enterprise has sufficient control over a particular product or service to determine significantly the terms on which other individuals shall have access to it.
So what is being controlled and by who?
"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.


Maximus Decimus Meridius born free man rises to ranks of general, leads soldiers of the Roman army to a decisive victory, ending a long war on the Roman frontier and earning the esteem of the elderly Emperor, the emperor wishes to grant temporary leadership to Maximus with a desire to eventually return power to theRoman Senate. Commodus the emperors son, secretly murders his father in a fit of rage and then claims the throne.
Maximus is betrayed by his friend, General Quintus, who, albeit reluctantly, instructs the

'Councils are using bailiffs too easily"

An article by Catherine Varney in the Times & Citizen reports that Bedford Borough Council refers 4,726 residents to debt recovery agencies, Central Beds refers 2,218, presumably this is per year.
The article quotes a spokesperson for Bedford Borough saying, "Before the council can instruct a Baliff it must have issued at least one reminder notice and must obtain an order for payment from the magistrates' court".  
Roger Hayes from the British Constitution group  has long questioned the legitimacy of the council tax.

See You in Court (BBC One)

A BBC programme based on the premise that the words “see you in court” can be the most expensive you will ever hear, with the potential to ruin your life or business. The former wife of the England footballer, Gazza, finds the costs of litigation a barrier to seeking redress againsts tabloid newspapers.
Sheryl was denounced by tabloids as a “lying bitch”, another story blamed her for Paul’s drinking and yet another claimed she was denying her ex-husband access to their son.
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